BOOPER Presents...

Pearl Business Crawl

Business Sign Up

Why Your Business Should Participate:

  • Cross promote your business with other businesses in the Pearl District

  • Get new customers to visit and shop at your business

  • Learn more about your customers and community's need

How to Participate:

  1. Be a Pearl District Business
  2. Be committed to COVID safety rules and set up an outdoor check-in point on event day
  3. Provide a special offer on event day
  4. Pay a business participation fee of $35
  5. Help promote the event via methods below:

  • Event poster on the store window
  • Event brochure/flyer at check out
  • Talk about the event with your customers
  • Email your customer list about the event 2 wks prior
  • Social Media Post about the event 1 wk & 1 day prior
    *We will provide digital marketing content catered to your business*

Bonus Opportunities:

  1. Survey your potential customers by sending us your top 3 survey questions you'd like to ask the community
  2. Host an event hub by your business to get foot traffic
  3. Be a sponsor to highlight your business and reach your Pearl District customers

  • Saturday July 10th, 2021

  • 10am - 3pm

  • Pearl District, Portland OR

  • $35 for businesses to participate

Participating Businesses


1. Set up an outdoor check in on event day – can you clarify, what is needed, staff to take peoples temps?

  • The thought behind 'outdoors' is to minimize covid risk, hence not involve temperature checking etc.
  • I was thinking about a table (table cloth/tent/music optional) with yellow balloons outside of your business, with free samples, dog treats, coupons, brochures about your business, even get newsletter sign ups. It is really an opportunity to draw in your potential customers however works best for the business.
  • I'm planning on providing QR codes for businesses for the public to QR check in to collect raffle points. The QR code landing page would be a great place to further promote our sponsors & raffle prize donors.

2. Special offer on event day – what qualifies as a special offer?

  • Something like free samples, dog treats, future coupons, or any giveaways big or small would do

3. Pay fee – confirming this is $35 to participate + requires donation of a raffle prize?

It is $35 for the business to participate. That's it, plus your help in promoting this event. However this event is free to the public and we appreciate sponsorships from money to donating raffle prizes, whatever the business is willing to contribute. We can in turn help promote the sponsors further via online, social media and/or prints.

4. Host an event hub – what is needed for this? Personnel? Tables? Chairs? Can you clarify? 

  • Awesome! It'd be a great promo opportunity for all the businesses nearby.
  • We would like to have 2-3 hubs on event day, each with Booper tents run by volunteers, where people can check in and grab their swag bags (which could include your promo material to the public) and off on their route. I would imagine the hubs are where we'd get the most foot traffic and attention. Since it is outdoors and we are enforcing face masks and 6 ft apart, it should be okay with Covid rules.

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