is a community focused brand on a mission to make being kind simpler. We are dedicated to investing in our community, equity and sustainability.

Our Story

Hello! My name is Wen Guo, Founder and CEO of BOOPER™. 

I am an ex-Nike digital marketer with a dream of making the world a KINDER place through our beloved animals.

Frosty came into my life in December 2019 from the Oregon Humane Society, at a time I needed her love the most. In my experience as a first time dog mom, I had so many questions!

Pain Points

The Booper App

Well…we couldn’t find an existing solution, so we created BOOPER!

BOOPER™ is here to help dogs and hoomans build community, give kindness, and inspire hope. To start, we are going to make sure that all of our marketing efforts directly benefit our community: from promoting and supporting our local businesses, volunteer efforts to keep our cities clean, to helping homeless families & animals get back on their feet. Join us!

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