Meet Booper Interns - Zachary


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. 

As an intern for Booper, I helped with illustrations and graphic design.

How my pet brings me joy 
🐾  💛 

Providence is like a straight-B student. Always trying his best, he’ loyal, patient, and is exemplary of how effort can take one a long way. He isn’t the best dog, but his leans for pets always give me a comfort every morning.

Orellia is just a speed demon of chaos. She’s like that kid who gets failing grades on purpose. Clearly too smart for her own good, she brings out the... “fun” aspects of life!

My Dream 🌟

My dream job is to be a Book Designer and Comic Book Arrtist! Either way, I’d like to see my work out there and pull in people to a good story, or at least something interesting! Through my art or my designs, I would want to enhance important works of texts!