Meet Booper Interns - Lara


I attended Grossmont College for Studio Arts where I learned digital art & Photography. I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Graphic Design.

My role as a Graphics Design Intern was to create layouts and graphics for the print assets. I also collaborated with others to develop the BOOPER brand guide and some social media content.

How my pet brings me joy 🐾  💛 

Rocky always brought me joy every time he dashed to his running wheel and then climbed the cage to greet me whenever I walked into my room. I always felt welcomed by him. He was also a nocturnal pet, and I never felt alone during my school All-nighters.

My Dream 🌟

My dream job is to work as a visual designer and make motion graphics for ads or events with a creative team. Events like conventions, festivals or anything related to the entertainment industry.

My LinkedIn: