Meet The Booper Interns - Grace


I graduated with a degree in Marketing from San Diego State University. I’m currently in a program to study UX/UI design.

As Booper’s UX/UI Design and Marketing Intern, I help with user research, the app’s visual design, and marketing/social media content.

How my pet brings me joy 
🐾 💛 

Hina is 11 weeks old. Even though she requires a lot of my attention, she brings me a sense of purpose. She’s getting bigger every day. It’s a joy seeing her grow into her personality. Hina constantly makes me laugh and loving her is very easy!

My Dream 🌟

My dream job is to work in the tech field as a UX Designer or Digital Marketer! I’m passionate for anything involving innovation and creativity. With my future career, I hope to drive change and make a positive impact in the environment around me.

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