Fields Park, Pearl District (1/63)

Fields Park

The Fields Park

NW 11th Avenue and Overton Street, Portland OR 97209


Frosty Visited 02/06/21
Fenced Yes
Off-Leash Yes
Parking Street
Water Fountain during the summer
Terrain  Sand
Frosty Approved  Yes 🐶✔️
Recommendation Score (5/5) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The Fields Park has Portland Pearl District’s most popular fenced off-leash dog area, situated at the northwest corner of the Fields Park grass area. This is Frosty’s favorite destination for our morning and afternoon walks. She always makes sure to walk mama to that park for a solid play before returning home a tired pup.

This park welcomes the neighborhood’s dogs, big and small. The off-leash park has separately fenced areas for big and small doggos. The popular hours are weekends, weekdays before and after work, lunch time, and any sunny day. In the summer, the doggos love to drink from the water fountain and play until their happy tongues get sweaty, and the hoomans love to picnic under the sun at the grass lawn of the park. 


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