Frosty's 63 Portland Dog Park Tour Challenge


Frosty the Dog

I am Frosty.BooperOG

Introducing Frosty, my spoiled crazy-mutt child who came into my life in December 2019 from the Oregon Humane Society.  Although she had a rough start, I want to do everything in my power to give her a happy and healthy life. Aside from her mountains of toys, unlimited treats for the begging eyes and smothering love from yours truly, I decided to take Frosty on a Dog Park Tour to visit all of the dog parks in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas. 


Frosty at the Park

Dog Park Challenge

After some research, I compiled a list of 63 dog parks for us to visit by summer 2021. Challenge accepted. Let the game begin...


Frosty Stats

Name Frosty (aka Frost, Monster, Bebe, Crazy Butt, Baby Dawg)
Breed Crazy Mutt (she had a DNA test, has 6+ breeds in her, a true crazy mutt)
Size Medium
Gender Female
Birthday 10/17/2019
Gotcha Day 12/17/2019
Rescued From Oregon Humane Society
Homebase Portland, Oregon
Energy High
Type Lover
Bio Expert at making Furriends, chewing sticks & promoting Booper. Avid bird chaser. Learning how to chill.

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